We are a real estate investment company that primarily specializes in the acquisition of vacant land but also single family residential homes.  Our mission is to simplify the selling process for landowners and homeowners who are looking for a fast and hassle-free option to sell their property.

You pay nothing.  We pay all your closing costs.  In a traditional land sale the seller is normally responsible for realtor commissions, survey cost, title work, appraisal fees, recording fees, etc..  But, if you work with us, we will cover all of these costs for you – saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

We work based on the highest ethical standards.  The sale price we present to you is the NET final price you will receive. There are never any hidden fees to you.

We close as soon as the paperwork is completed.  In most cases, that’s about 30 days, give or take.  Because we use title company or attorney to coordinate the transaction, it may take them some extra time to complete the title search.  Sometimes we can increase our offer price if you can wait a little longer for the closing while we consult with our network of colleagues and joint venture partners.

No. We are a privately owned company that purchases property directly from landowners for our own investment purposes.  We do not buy or sell on behalf of any 3rd parties. 

We buy land primarily in the Southeast USA but we have a vision to expand in other parts of the country so if you have available property elsewhere, please let us know. 


We buy most any type of land, from individual lots to large acreage parcels, including rural recreational property and rural infill lots.

It depends on the land.  In some cases, we increase the land value by making improvements such as by sub-dividing, clearing the land of trees and other vegetation, adding utilities, water access, installing septic systems, etc… and reselling them as buildable homesites. And in other cases, we keep them in our investment portfolio for later use.  We may partner with others for purposes of future residential or commercial development. There are many reasons we are interested in buying your land.

Liberty Land And Home was founded in with a mission to help property owners sell fast and hassle-free.  We have simplified the land sale process that benefits the landowners.    

Although our approach to land acquisition may be a bit unconventional, we pride ourselves as being a company run by hard working and honest people. 

We manage all of our closing transactions through trustworthy title companies and attorneys to protect both parties. 


To see how much we can pay for your property, please fill out this short form.  And within 24 to 48 hours we will make you a no hassle, no obligation offer.

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